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Psyonix Outlines Plans For Rocket League's Rocket Pass

Psyonix has provided details about its upcoming Rocket Pass progression system, which is coming to Rocket League later this summer. Players can unlock new cosmetics with Rocket Pass, which functions similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass.

When the program goes live, players will automatically begin unlocking rewards by playing, without spending any additional money on the game. For Rocket League players who want more, there's a $10 premium option, which grants access to more cosmetics, such as player banners, car bodies, and more. The majority of the items that you unlock – either in the free or premium pass – can be traded with other players. If you decide that you're into the new progression system, you can also upgrade to a premium pass and immediately unlock all of the rewards from your current tier.

Psyonix says that players should be able to unlock all of the available reward tiers in about 100 hours, though that can be reduced when playing during double XP weekends or other promotions.

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